Hawke’s Bay Mountain Bike Club

Events & Signage, Logo Creation, Publication Design

Founded in 1991, the Hawke’s Bay Mountain Bike Club is New Zealand’s largest mountain-biking club with a membership of around 2,000 riders. From kids racing along on their balance bikes with the rest of the family to some of the world’s best down hill riders flying down tracks most of us wouldn’t even walk down, the HBMTBC lives and breathes trail riding.

One of the club’s core goals is to provide tracks to the region’s riders that challenge their full range of abilities. With a new block opening up in the club’s ‘home’, the internationally famous Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park, and with the annual membership packs about to go out, it was decided it was time for the park to have its own logo.

As supporters of the club we were more than happy to assist and tell its story. Inspired by national park badges, the bottom part of the mark references the HBRU shield. Illustrating the climb into the park and the valleys that run parallel is the park profile topped with the obvious pine trees, suggesting growth and the differing age groups. The stars reflect the world-class offering and the fact the park is one of the first to see the sun is represented by the chain ring, which in turn points directly to cycling.

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