First & Foremost – We Work With You

Gathering Market Insights

By working together we can get a better understanding of what makes you tick, your challenges and what you want to achieve. We’ll get to know your business and your customers, which will enable us to deliver solutions that produce results.

Creating Great Impressions

In a nutshell, our core service is graphic design and we deliver all forms of visual communication material. However, a visual identity plays only a small part in your overall brand. Therefore, alongside graphic design we specialise in brand development.

For some brands, visual communication is achieved by the colours and typefaces that support their logo. For others it’s the tone of voice, the images used or the behaviour of staff and customers.

For us, branding is all about making a great first impression. It’s how you stand out from your competitors, the values you stand for and how your customers perceive you.

Spreading The Word

Although helping our clients make first impressions memorable through their company collateral and visual communication material is key, helping them maintain ongoing communication with their audience is a also large part of what we do, managing the production and roll out of all media and assets over structured periods.

Design is in the Detail

Logo Creation

Logos are the figurehead, the face of any company, organisation or product and help tell the brand story while standing out from the crowd and resonating with the viewer. Logos should reflect an entity’s ethos, be designed to purpose, and be future proofed.

Brand Development

Your brand is far more than a picture in the corner of your business card. If your logo is the face of your company then your brand is the whole body, the clothes it wears, the way it speaks and the feelings it evokes.

Brand Research & Strategy

We believe building a brand that’s solid comes from having a strong understanding of a company, its clients and its competitors. From the outset we’ll gain insights into your business with our goal being to know your company as well as you, if not better.

Engagement & Collateral

How you engage visually with your customers, staff and community should always be a true reflection of your brand. Paying extra attention to communication with a clear voice in newsletters, a professional tone on-boarding documents, or extra depth through an over-gloss on a business card, all work to elevate your brand.

Publication & Design

From a double-sided DL flyer to a 96-page annual report, whatever the size of the document, the message presented should be clear, concise and creative. We make sure your brand is represented in the best possible light down to the finest details.

Packaging Design

As the main vehicle for bringing products to market it’s important to have packaging that not only stands out in busy retail environments, expressing the values of the product, but that also reflect your brand while conforming to its guidelines.

Events & Signage

Whether it’s applying visual elements to a vehicle or presenting your message on an exhibition display system, the opportunity to work with your brand in the physical space is one we’ll jump at every time with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Campaigns & Promotion

From bringing a promotional idea to life or rolling out an advertising campaign, we love developing a creative thread through all visual material from yellow page adverts to event collateral and course social media, to name a few.

We Stick To Our Knitting

We don’t pretend to be experts at everything. Instead, we pull together teams of handpicked collaborators with specific skill-sets and styles to work on our clients’ projects.

Our collaborative network includes (but not limited to) copywriters, photographers, videographers, web designers and developers, social media experts, illustrators, printers, sign-writers, exhibition fabricators, marketer specialists and advertising creatives. And if you have someone you’d prefer use to work with we’re more than happy to bring them into the fold.